This post references Pastor Dana’s sermon on 6/9/13, which you can stream by clicking play here:

Let me start this post with two confessions.

First, I have had a habit of rolling my eyes a bit at sermons that talk about increasing offering — particularly, the first sermon on tithing that I heard PD give in 2005, when I was a non-believer.

Second, my wife and I tithe under 10% of our income (to the church and other sources).

With these confessions out of the way, if you were present at today’s service you should have noticed a few things:

(1) The theme of the music this week was largely on giving our lives completely to God — with songs like Take My Life and a new song that I was led to introduce at Offering called “Offering” by Third Day (with the lyrics, “and I will give You my life for it’s all I have to give because You gave Your life for me”). We actually did do this song at a men’s breakfast some 6 or so years ago, but not in our corporate worship ever.

(2) I was led to pray after the first song for God to break us, and to remind us that all we have and all the provision we have been given by God in our lives belongs to God.

(3) The message by PD emphasized giving up the self, with particular emphasis on our tithing habits.

If I was not the worship leader but just a visitor watching this all take place, I would certainly have concluded that the Pastor and the worship leader clearly planned it all…

…only I would have been wrong. PD and I did not confer with each other this week. I did have a prayerful revelation on my worship leading this week, however, which led to this tweet:

My not-so-coincidental tweet this week on worship leading…

That’s one of the ways God works through His kids… and if you felt He was talking to you this morning but thought the service was just some kind of clever, structured trickery, let this post witness that God was, indeed, talking loudly this morning.

Now: how do we respond?


On Sunday, June 16th, at both worship services, invite a friend to worship with you who has had a significant influence on your life. We will have a special worship celebrating friendship, with great refreshments served between services! God gives us friends and makes us friends in order to bless the world. Who is your friend? Bring him/her to a special Sunday morning celebration of friendship.




Wed 6/5 Psalm 72:1-11
Thu 6/6 Psalm 72:12-20
Fri 6/7 Psalm 73:1-12
Sat 6/8 Psalm 73:13-20; 1 Chronicles 11:22-24
Sun 6/9 Worship
Mon 6/10 Psalm 72:21-28
Tue 6/11 Psalm 74:1-9
Wed 6/12 Psalm 74:10-17
Thu 6/13 Psalm 74:18-23
Fri 6/14 Psalm 75
Sat 6/15 Psalm 76; Mark 8:35-36
Sun 6/16 Worship/ Friendship Appreciation Day/Father’s Day