Summer is a time when many of us travel, take vacation time, or simply enjoy the different rhythm these months bring into our lives. What are you doing to connect with God this summer? Does this look any different than your regular spiritual practices? Does your prayer life change or your Bible reading? Are you still worshipping with other brothers and sisters even when you are traveling? Are you gaining a sense of wonder as you are enjoying outdoor activities which highlight creation?

I like to keep up my spiritual connectors and add a few new ones. For example, I have always enjoyed visiting art museums in the summer and get engaged with the gospel message the artist is communicating, in particular through painting. I was extremely jealous of our son David who recently traveled to Russia and had the opportunity to see some great works in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I especially appreciate icons and so was excited to hear of the icons David viewed.

I found it hilarious that he took pictures of many paintings in St. Petersburg, just in case they had significance, not realizing that one of his snapshots is my favorite Rembrandt, “The Return of the Prodigal Son,” at the Hermitage! David has seen the original, I have seen the iPhone version…

What spiritual practices might you start today that aren’t part of your regular routine? Summer is here, so why not, right?


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