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A new course for all members of LIFEhouse Church and their friends and neighbors begins next month. We will be studying the topic of “God The Holy Spirit.” This eight week series comes out of the Blackberry Bush Course. The teaching format is 50% presentation/ 50% discussion. Every session has eating dinner together, presentation (mainly video), and discussion, all in table groups hosted by a table leader.

This course is designed for seasoned Christians to grow in their faith and for others to explore the invitation by God to be connected to his community, both Christian and non-Christian. The emphasis is on:

  • Authentic Relationships
  • Meaningful Conversations
  • Changed Lives

Here is what the evening looks like:

6-6:30 Dinner

6:30-8 Teaching and Discussion

The teaching and discussion revolve around three 10 minute presentation.

This course is free.

There is a freewill offering for the meal.

Free childcare is also available.

“God The Holy Spirit” will start up on Thursday, September 11, 6-8 PM. We meet for seven Thursday Evenings. There is also a Holy Spirit Retreat on Saturday, October 25th@LIFEhouse.

To register online or for more information, just e-mail Pastor Dana@ We will also be taking signups on Sunday mornings, beginning August 17.

Important Note:

This course is like a circular bus route with lots of stops. As a student, you can get on the bus at any time, ride as long as you like, and get off the bus at any time. Each session is “stand alone” and requires no previous experience.



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