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When Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried, not everyone went into hiding. The Marys’ especially step up…

From Matthew’s Easter story

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The well known Hollywood adage, it’s tough to work with children and animals comes true at Easter. I am holding our 21 month old granddaughter Kaylee and things don’t go exactly as planned, but just like life, if all else fails, the answer is Jesus…

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When Jesus rides into Jerusalem Palm Sunday, he is declaring something specific about himself and his mission.

We don’t get to choose.

Joy Starts Here


Have you ever asked yourself “What is it that I’m really looking for in life?” We search for meaning  in our families, careers or religion. Behind our search is a deep desire to experience true joy.


What is true joy?

Why is it that joy is so elusive?

And what can we do to experience it more fully?

Can it really change our relationships and our lives?


Find out at the first ever Joy Starts Here! Conference, coming to Los Angeles on June 6-7.


Joy Starts Here! draws from Scripture and the latest brain science for powerful transformation.  Participants will experience real joy and practice fun ways to share joy with others.


Don’t miss this opportunity!  Seating is limited, so reserve your place now.


Featured speakers at Joy Starts Here


Dr. Jim Wilder has been ministering Since 1977 and teaching in the areas of trauma and addiction recovery, spiritual and emotional maturity, multi-generational community development, and the brain science of relationships. His understanding of both the theology and neuroscience of joy is foundational for healing, growth and life transformation.


Shelia Sutton is one of the co-authors of Joy Starts Here. She is a National Board Certified Teacher, UCLA Writing Project Fellow, and a Marriage, Family Therapy Intern. Her 24 years of teaching and consulting interests focus on the relational aspect of education. Sutton is dedicated to inspiring teachers to create classrooms and instructional practices that promote and foster student learning and success.


Cost: $65 for the entire event!


What you will learn at Joy Starts Here

• practical skills and strategies for building joy in you and others – in all aspects of your life.

• what hinders joy and how to overcome those hindrances.

how to be better equipped to spread joy throughout your home, work, school and community.


Go to joystartshere.com/losangeles for more information and to sign up!