lifeHOUSESWe have one worship service for the entire community this Sunday at 10 a.m. We will be signing up to be part of a lifeHOUSE, our neighborhood based communities of spiritual growth and blessing. More information concerning lifeHOUSES is here.

We have lifeHOUSES for every weeknight:

Monday lifeHOUSE: Duane and Barbara Cirks

Tuesday lifeHOUSE: Buzz and Donnice Brown

Wednesday lifeHOUSE: Art and Jan Cuadra

Wednesday lifeHOUSE: Mac and Donna McLeod

Thursday lifeHOUSE: Mike and Debee Jusko

Thursday lifeHOUSE: Deb Elias

Friday lifeHOUSE: Bill and Andrea Anz

Join us this Sunday!


Jesus has gone to the heavenly dimension to rule. He sends his Holy Spirit to inspire his followers. What do they do from then on? Acts 2:42-47 records what happens next. It’s like this:
  • They meet together for worship at the Temple.
  • They meet in homes to all process the same teaching they are learning.
  • They enjoy food.
  • They build friendships.
  • They pray for each other.
  • Together, they connect with the neighbors.


That’s it.
A larger gathering to worship and celebrate what God is doing in their lives. Then smaller gatherings throughout the week in individual homes to grow in faith and become extended families on a mission together in their neighborhoods.
Seems simple. It is. We are going to try it out together.
For seven weeks this fall, we will try a little experiment.
LIFEhouse will gather on Sundays for worship and to celebrate what God is doing in our lives.
Then once a week, LIFEhouse will gather in homes…lifeHOUSES
What do we do in lifeHOUSES?
  • We meet together with 6-12 people once a week for an hour and a half.
  • We eat snacks and have a time to catch up.
  • Everyone in the lifeHOUSE takes turns answering the same two questions about the teaching for the week.
  • The teaching will come from PD’s book, Reboot: 70 Life Lessons with Dallas Willard. Each week we will read 10 life lessons from the book. A good way to do this is a daily weekday rhythm of reading two lessons a day, M-F, during a quiet time you spend with God. On Sundays, PD will also give a brief summary of the 10 lessons that are for that coming week- Reboot Time.
The two questions are:
  1. What’s the one thing that I sense God is pointing out to me from the reading and reflection I did? (What is God saying to me?)
  2. What am I going to do about what I am perceiving from God? (What am I going to do about it?)
  • After everyone shares, we pray for each other about what we are going to do about what we heard, and we end the time praying one-on-one with other personal prayer matters.
  • Each lifeHOUSE will choose to do one simple thing together to bless the neighbors of the host home’s neighborhood. We have plenty of suggestions that you will find helpful, but you can choose anything that brings God’s blessing and joy to the neighbors.
Is that it??
That’s it. After the seven weeks we will evaluate and figure out where God might want us to go from there.
Who will teach at the lifeHOUSE?
No one. The teaching is already contained in the book and Reboot Time on Sunday. We will process what we are learning together.
Who leads the lifeHOUSE?
Jesus does the leading and discipling through your friends who are there. There will be a host leader who will shepherd the group by facilitating the discussion, keep track of the time, and make sure everyone is prayed for. For the seven week experiment in the fall, the home host will also be the lifeHOUSE shepherd.
Who can be a lifeHOUSE host shepherd?
Anyone who opens their home, attends a one-time training event on Tuesday September 22, 6:30-8 p.m. and meets with PD, along with other host shepherds, a couple other times during the experiment.
How do I(we) become part of a lifeHOUSE?
Everyone is invited to be part of a lifeHOUSE. We are encouraging host shepherds from various geographic areas of the West Valley. We are also encouraging a lifeHOUSE to have at least three generations of age represented.
Initial signups for the lifeHOUSES will take place after one worship service on Sunday, September 27th at 10 a.m. 
After this, host shepherds will invite folks who weren’t able to sign up that day.
We launch the lifeHOUSES, Sunday, October 11. 
It can’t be this simple. What else do I need to know?
Nothing. It is that simple.
If you are interested in being a host shepherd, let PD know, or email him-









LIFEHouse will be hosting the national Stephen Ministries team for their California Introductory Workshop on September 19th, 9-1 p.m. Here is information on the event.


Experience a Sample of Stephen Minister Training and Learn How Your Church Can Begin Stephen Ministry



Stephen Ministry Introductory Workshops are half-day events where you and others from your congregation can:

catch a vision for lay caring ministry;

experience a sample of Stephen Minister training; and

learn the basics about Stephen Ministry—how it works, the benefits it offers, and how to bring Stephen Ministry to your congregation.

You’ll come away with a clear understanding of the difference Stephen Ministry makes and a vision for getting it started in your congregation.

Attending one of these workshops is not mandatory for beginning Stephen Ministry—but they are an excellent way to get your questions answered and learn what Stephen Ministry is all about.

Three Engaging Sessions

Each workshop has three sessions:

SESSION 1: Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief

Sample the quality of Stephen Minister training firsthand
Develop grief ministry skills you can put to use right away


SESSION 2: An Introduction to Stephen Ministry

Explore the life-changing value of this ministry
Discover how to bring Stephen Ministry to your congregation


SESSION 3: How to Care in a Distinctively Christian Way

Learn to integrate faith into everyday caring and relating
Experience the Christ-centered nature of Stephen Ministry


Who Should Attend?

Each participant receives an informative packet of materials. Every congregation receives a set of DVDs with inspiring videos to build support for beginning Stephen Ministry.

Pastors and church staff
Lay leaders and decision makers
Caregivers and caregiving teams

This event is free for LIFEhouse folks.

For others there is small fee of:

$15 per person or $50 for a group of four or more from your congregation or organization

You may register here.

Mac teaching on care

As you know, we are hosting a conference for the national Stephen Ministries team. These ministries provide training for one-on-one Christian care giving for hurting people.

As we are hosting the conference, a letter was sent out from me to 1500 congregations in the LA area inviting folks to consider attending. One of those letters reached Bethany Baptist Church of West Los Angeles. The pastor, LA Kessee spoke with one of our Stephen leaders, Vickie De Blasio, about the struggles occurring at his church. Just recently, they have had 13 deaths in their congregation!

Overwhelming, but the people of God are there. Bethany is sending folks to the workshop, but our Stephen leader, Buzz Brown decided we could offer more. Four of us traveled down to their church on Tuesday. Buzz, Mac McLeod, Peter Borck and I did a mini “taster” workshop for their congregation including help with dealing with grief, healthy healing, and visiting folks who are grieving.

The people of Bethany were such gracious hosts and interacted greatly with us as we shared our experiences and the experiences of other Stephen Ministers from LIFEhouse. What a blessing to see God at work connecting two communities of brothers and sisters in this way!

As LA said, “Can I get an Amen?”


Everyone is invited to attend this workshop September 19, from 9-1 p.m.  Here is information.

Comes to LIFEhouse Saturday, September 19
LIFEhouse Church has been involved in Stephen Ministry since 2005. We currently have 26 people from our congregation who serve as Stephen Ministers- well-trained caregivers who provide high-quality, one-on-one Christian care to people experiencing various difficulties in life.
On September 19, we are representing Stephen Ministry for all of California as we host this training event. This is a great opportunity for anyone to learn more about Stephen Ministry and how they can be involved.
This workshop isn’t just for Stephen Ministers, as we will experience valuable training is areas such as ministering to those experiencing grief.