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  1. This was very interesting to me. Every morning I have “Coffee with Jesus.” I have a book called “Jesus Calling” with a morning and evening message. Also a book, “God Calling.” I “picture” Jesus sitting in the chair next to me and spend maybe 20 minutes reading, thinking, which in essence is talking with Jesus. Also, every morning a “Good Morning, Father,” when I go outside to get the paper and thanking Him for — birds, clouds, beautiful day, etc. I’ve been talking to God since I was a small child and I’ve learned if I’m quiet and listening, often I will “hear” from Him in many different ways. The trick is to be able to recognize it. I talk to God all day at various times, not in prayer but like talking to a friend. This has helped me in tremendous ways over my life. And sometimes I get very clear messages and “God Winks.” Sometimes I’m caught talking out loud when I think I’m alone. Always amusing. “Who are you talking to?” “God! Do you see anyone else here?” Whether I just start talking or say “Dear Heavenly Father,” or “Hey God! It’s me!” I know I’m heard. I pray for the well being of others, ask for guidance for myself. But it’s daily and often. This isn’t something I tell folks so this blog post was especially interesting to me.

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