Psalm 105

Remember the wonders he has performed, his miracles… 

God has worked in your life in the past. He has blessed you.

He wants you to remember this. Are you grateful that God has worked in your life? Then remember it.

The God Times devotions you are reading begin each day with the same instruction.

Spend 5 minutes before you read thinking about one or two things you appreciate in your life. These appreciation memories will enhance everything that follows. 

When we daily think about things we are grateful for, we bring healing to our brains. Gratitude. From medical journals to psychology blogs to yoga instructions, to Christian how-to steps, every health website, every magazine seems to have a article or blog about the same thing.

Being grateful.

Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon of what King David and God’s people have always known to be true. Spend time being grateful each day. This wisdom is now as prevalent as the instruction to drink plenty of water.

Just google the word, “gratitude.”

OK, so why is this so important? It is important to remember what you are grateful for because God wires the brain to work best in an environment of appreciation.

You don’t even have to believe in God to know this. In an article I read, “Gratitude without God,” an evolutionary psychologist said this.

The evolutionary explanation for this, he said, is probably that gratitude helps people initiate friendships and alliances—which then help people survive.

I guess everyone knows that daily gratitude is important, it’s just those who trust in God get to thank the source. By remembering the good things God brings into our lives, it  strengthens our health and strengthens our faith. Again this is worship. By spending time each day thinking about what we appreciate, we are declaring God worthy.


How are your times of appreciation going? Actually do this. It’s good for you. Three times a day for 5 minutes for 30 days will rewire your brain. Just start with today…

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