Ephesians 1

Yes, with all wisdom and insight he has made known to us the secret of his purpose, just as he wanted it to be and set it forward in him as a blueprint for when the time was ripe.

There have always been secret societies. Groups of people who identify with each other through elaborate secretive rituals. These may seem relatively harmless like the sororities and the fraternities you may have been part of. Other secret societies you may have heard of are groups like the Masons.

Human beings begin to develop their group identity around middle school. Who are my people and how is it my people act? are questions that are answered as we grow. We bond together when we share a common identity, but when it is secretive, it excludes. Not so with the Christian faith. Notice how God has revealed everything out in public.

But with God it takes time. God didn’t reveal himself all at once because people wound’t understand. The revealing of God’s plan is a slow process that built on the story of his people from the beginning. It is only in the time of Jesus that the world is ready to hear. When Jesus breaks into our time and space 2000 years ago, he brings God’s plan into clear focus. And one of the keys to being in the family of God is there is no exclusion.

This is why you find Christianity in all parts of the world. Not so with Islam or any other religious system. All worldviews outside of Christianity remain somewhat exclusive. They seem to work only in certain areas of the world or certain cultures.

But God the Father has a blueprint available for all. At its most basic it looks like this. Through trusting Jesus you love God, love your neighbor, and you become a blessing to those around you. There is no secret code or secret handshake, or secret writing or anything else that you have to know to know that you are his.


How have you included people in your life who are different than you?

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