Ephesians 1

21 far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and above every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the age to come.

This power from God is greater than anything humans can conjure up. Greater than anything the devil can do. Nothing is bigger than God himself.

Our granddaughter Kaylee is like her mom, afraid of snakes and lizards. And like many kids, she also doesn’t like to go into dark places. But, at the LA zoo, we have a chance to experience all of that.

When I take Kaylee to the zoo, we have our same routine. She knows it by heart. One of the things we do is go to the Australian exhibition building which houses nocturnal animals, and so it is dark. Kaylee likes to go to the building, but never inside. Then one day, recently, on her own, she changes. We go in. After we come out again I asked her why she wanted to go in this time.

She said she didn’t need to be scared, because God is bigger. And God protects me. Then, she decides to go to the next exhibit she would never see before, the Kimono Dragon huge lizards near by.

Is it really that simple? Trusting God is bigger? I hope so. There are so many ways that the powers of this world try to use fear to somehow control us that we forget a basic truth. God is bigger. All the so called rulers of this world in the end are subject to King Jesus. If we can’t see this we won’t live like Jesus. We do need the eyes of our inmost self opened to God’s light.

God is bigger and he protects us.


When has fear stopped you from doing what is right? What might you do the next time?

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