Ephesians 2

1 So where do you come into it all? Well, you were dead because of your offenses and sins! 2 That was the road you used to travel, keeping in step with this world’s ‘present age’; in step, too, with the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit that is, even now, at work among people whose whole lives consist of disobeying God. 3 Actually, that’s how all of us used to behave, conditioned by physical desires. We used to do what our flesh and our minds were urging us to do. What was the result? We too were subject to wrath in our natural state, just like everyone else.

Sin gets in the way of following Jesus. For people who are “religious” and for people who are look down on religion.  Author Timothy Keller looks at this dilemma we all face. When it comes to living our lives, pursuing happiness and fulfillment, we tend to choose one of two ways to live.

A life of moral conformity or a life of self-discovery.

Moral conformity- I’m not going to do what I want, but what tradition and the community wants me to do.
Self-discovery- I’m the only one who can decide what is right or wrong for me. I’m going to live as I want to live and find my true self and happiness that way.

Moral people say- People who do their own thing are the problem with the world and moral people are the solution.
Progressive people say- Bigoted people, those who say “We have the truth,” are the problem with the world and the progressive people are the solution.

Both ways are closed minded and both are wrong.
Neither way is “tolerant.” Both ways have their “haters.”

Moralistic people think they are superior because they follow the rules.
Progressive people think they are superior because they are tolerant.

Yet, many very liberated and irreligious people in their views and lifestyle, regard religious conservatives with all the self-righteousness and condescension of the worst Pharisee.



Which of the two “paths” do you tend to travel? What does that look like?

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