Ephesians 2

10 This is the explanation: God has made us what we are. God has created us in King Jesus for the good works that he prepared, ahead of time, as the road we must travel. 


The future of our country is way more dependent on how joyful, compassionate and humble Christians are than any political party or philosophy. It is God who made us to be like him. As we become more like Jesus, we do what he wants us to do, and in fact he has been preparing us to discover what he wants done to bring his ways of love, joy and compassion in the world all along.

Keeping with the metaphor of traveling on the road of life, how does God use us? I want to offer the picture of a bridge. On the road we travel, quite often Jesus makes us a bridge. Someone who connects Jesus to a friend; to a neighbor. A bridge. Someone who connects people from very different viewpoints to each other. A bridge. Someone who is used by God to be a bridge for the power of God to move from the heavens into the life of those in need.

Christians don’t put up walls to try to separate ourselves from the world. Christians build bridges. And Jesus, the master builder, is with us all the way.


How has God used you to be a bridge lately?

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