Ephesians 3

Both are part are part of the same body, and both enjoy the promise of blessings because they belong to Christ Jesus.

Here is the key to life. Paul goes back to using the “body” language of being a Christian. The Gentiles are not second class citizens, but are equally part of the body of Christ, along with the Jewish Christians. What does that mean for us?

We are all invited to grow up. When we think of the body of Christ, see this as Jesus inviting us to grow up. You see, to have his body is to have his mind, too.

Do you know what is wrong with most families today? Why most businesses don’t thrive in the long run? Why governments don’t work? Why schools don’t seem to reach students? Why Churches seem weak? Wherever you want to place the blame with what ails us today, my hunch is you will miss what is the most obvious challenge face now, and we have always faced. Overwhelmingly, it’s all about the same thing. We need to grow up.

Especially those who lead. We need to quit operating at an infant or child maturity level. Nothing is going to change until we grow up.

Most leaders of families, businesses, schools, churches, and governments are weak and ineffective in the long run. Why is that? Because leaders are operating at an infant or child maturity level.

Infant maturity is this.

My job is to let you know I am upset.

Your job is to figure out why and fix it.

In infant maturity I am an expert at upset.

When infants gain the power of the family, the baby has taken over and you will move from one crisis to another, because everything is a crisis.

Child maturity is this.

My job is to tell you what I want.

Your job is to do it.

I will use fear, anger, and shame to get you to do what I want.

When child maturity people gain power they will manipulate others to do their bidding one way or another and in the long run they will fail.

More than anything else, what is wrong with families, businesses, schools, government, and churches today is those who have influence are overwhelmingly operating at an infant or child level. Oh, and it’s not just today. There is no Golden Age when it comes to maturity level.

This is what was wrong with our parent’s and our grandparent’s generations, and the generations before them. They did the very same things. They allowed infant and children maturity level leaders to gain power. Whatever we are experiencing today in our families, schools, churches and society is the legacy of the generations who have gone before us. So, how are things going? Well, thank those who have gone before.

It is only by growing beyond infant and child maturity that the Gospel can start taking hold. And the Gospel is the only chance we have to live a healthy life ourselves or have a healthy world. Jesus is calling us to take the lead. If we Christians will grow in Christ where his maturity becomes more of our own, the world will start transforming. Our maturing beyond infant and children maturity will be a powerful influence in the world we live in.


Do an honest self inventory. Do you see any infant or child maturity in you?

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