Ephesians 6

14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.

The first piece of armor Paul speaks of is the cintus, which is the belt the soldier wears around his waist. This belt is used to hold everything else into place.

That is what the truth of God does. It holds everything else into place. Fortunately God gives us access to the truth because he sent Jesus. We can listen to the teachings of Jesus and look at the model of Jesus and here we see God come to focus. Christian faith lived out like Jesus lives it out is true.

This is saying something and also not saying something. What we are not saying is Christian faith is true because it works. What we are saying is Christina faith works because it is true. Think about the difference. With the truth we can live in God’s Kingdom and follow his ways.

Then there is “the body armor of God’s righteousness.”

This armor or “breastplate,” as it is called, is the pectorale. Literally, the “protector of the heart.”

Righteousness= justice

This is the heart of the matter for us.

Our one true God is the one true judge. God intends to put the world right. This is where Jesus comes in. We are already declared right in Jesus and so when we are attacked by Satan we have protection.

Satan is a big fan of name-calling. Satan attacks our identity. “God doesn’t love you.” “You are a bad person.” “You are weak.” “How can God love someone as broken as you?” “How can you call yourself a Christian?”

No, I am the son of a loving Father. Through confidence in Jesus, I am in God’s family forever. I am royalty and my coronation came at my baptism. Through the water and the word God declares me his and I begin to live my life in his kingdom.


The same teaching that would say there is no evil also says there is no truth. Truth is culturally conditioned and what is truth for you may not be truth for me. “There is no truth” is, of course, a truth statement.


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