This Sunday is the second in a four part series on what it means to be a rare leader. We are combining biblical principles with the latest brain science, based on the book Rare Leadership, by Marcus Warner and Jim Wilder….



Leadership is more about answering the question, “Who am I to be?” than it is, “What am I to do?”

Being a healthy and effective leader is way more about our EQ, Emotional Quotient than it is our IQ, Intelligence Quotient.

EQ is about the kind of person we are underneath the surface, and how we interact with others. Much of the new research on performance success in leadership says the ratio is 1/3 IQ and 2/3 EQ.

Emotional intelligence or emotional maturity counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined to be successful in leading others, yet this is not commonly known nor commonly seen. How can we change that? There are four uncommon habits that will increase our EQ.

When we develop these habits we increase trust, joy, and engagement with the people we lead.

These habits make up the acronym, RARE, as in Rare Leader. They are:

R which stands for Remain Relational

A which stands for Act Like Yourself

R which stands for Return To Joy

E which stands for Endure Hardship Well


This week we will look at what it means to…


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