John 2

Six stone water-jars were standing there, ready for use in the Jewish purification rites. Each held about twenty or thirty gallons. ‘Fill the jars with water,’ said Jesus to the servants. And they filled them, right up to the brim. ‘Now draw some out’, he said, ‘and take it to the chief steward.’ They did so.  

The water-jars are used for Jewish purification rites. A sign that you are made clean. Well, now the sign is so much more than than that. God is doing a new thing from within the old Jewish system, where he is bringing purification to Israel and the whole world in a new way. And don’t miss the hint about water turned to wine, which will be turned into blood later, flowing at the cross, taking away the sins of the word. Talk about purification!

But, again, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…So, we have six jugs at 30 gallons a piece. That’s 180 gallons…or over 900 bottles of wine. Think this party’s going anywhere? Mercy! Someone has come to the rescue.


Our lives are meant to be extravagant when Jesus is the source of the extravagance. What does this mean to you?

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