he qi easter morn

John 20

So she ran off, and went to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, the one Jesus loved. ‘They’ve taken the master out of the tomb!’ she said. ‘We don’t know where they’ve put him!’

Someone has taken him away!

She starts sprinting back to the city. She goes to Peter and the other disciple who was with her at the cross. The one who Jesus especially loved. The author of this book.

“They have taken him away!”

Who has taken Jesus away?

“They.” We don’t know exactly who “they” is, but it is ironic that “they” are still trying to take Jesus away. In my lifetime.

Communist dictators have tried to take Jesus away. Relativist professors on just about every university campus in America try to take him away. And then there are others. This very week, once again, Christians are slaughtered, worshiping on Palm Sunday, blowing them up in the name of Allah, ironically in the land where Jesus had escaped violence long ago. Egypt.

But, whether “they” are trying to amass power and hold in distain “the opiate of the masses,” or “they” are using irrational, frivolous and naiive teaching, barely holding their contempt, or “they” are filled with demonic evil in the name of their religion, this will not stand. No matter how hard “they” try. “They” will not take Jesus away!

The master is still the master. He is God and you don’t stop God.


A religion that advocates loving your neighbor, no matter who they are…loving your enemies and never seeking revenge…a religion that worships a God who cherishes all people with true equality…Hmmm

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