Anniversary Worship

From the beauty of the patio and narthex to the posh surroundings of Natterstad Hall, our family and friends joined together to thank God for all the blessings he has poured out over his people for all of these 100+ years.

We had a delicious banquet and a inspiring and entertaining program. Pastor Larson gave a heartfelt prayer to start us off and we finished with a wonderful video and word of blessing and hope by Duane Cirks. Thanks to them and to Rob and Marie Reed, Courtney Cirks, Jim and Mary Beth Heglund, Buzz Brown, and Martha Butler-Borck for for a fantastic program!

Then on Sunday, we gave thanks and praise to the God of Glory in music, singing, prayer, and sharing of the Word. Our special guests were Pastor Jay and Isa Spoonheim, who came for the Banquet and celebration worship from Sante Fe NM! Mark Holmstrom played in his usual amazing way and directed an Anniversary Alumni Choir. Kjell Austad brought back our bell choir who started us out with a beautiful piece. Our band provided spirit-led praise and worship, with a strong solo by Connor Miles. Great thanks for all who participated!

There are so many people to thank for all of our anniversary events and celebrations. We truly are a family used by God to continue to be rooted in the hope and joy of Jesus as he works through us to bless and proclaim his name!

Special thanks to Donna McLeod for leading us! The Banquet program is printed below.

With Much More Life to Come…

Pastor Dana



LIFEhouse Church

100 Year Anniversary Banquet Program

Saturday, April 29 2017

Welcome                                Pastor Dana Hanson

Reflection and Prayer            Pastor Lowell Larson

Anniversary Reflection           Martha Butler-Borck

Music “New Life”                    Rob Reed & Courtney Cirks

Anniversary Reflection          Buzz Brown

Anniversary Skit                    Jim & Mary Beth Heglund

Anniversary Reflection          Pastor Dana Hanson

Music “Blessings”                  Rob & Marie Reed, Courtney Cirks

Anniversary:                          Duane Cirks

Time Capsule




To those who have gone before us, whose vision of God’s church has brought us to this place in time 

To the Centennial Planning & Hospitality Teams:

Pastor Dana Hanson, Peter Borck, Buzz Brown, Heidi Christopher, Duane Cirks, Trish Dallas, Nancy Hanson, Carla Kievit, Michele Knepp, Barbara Le Strange, Donna McLeod, Robyn Vega

To the many hands who participated in executing this celebration: 

Nancy Anderson, Pastor Mike Anderson, Greg & Missy Andrews, Kjell Austad, Donnice Brown, Barbara Cirks, Courtney Cirks, Betty Hadden,  Mark Holmstrom, Rory Knepp, Don Lautenschlager, Barbara Le Strange, Mary Lewallen, Ardis Natterstad, Dolores Nickerson,

Martha Pfleger, Rob & Marie Reed, Beverly Reitz



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