John 21

So they went out in the boat, but they caught nothing all night.

Fishing all night and they caught nothing. They got “skunked,” we would say. Now, there are a ton of fish in Lake Galilee. What are the chances the disciples finally get back to work and their first day they catch nothing?

This is not a good sign of days to come. What is going through their minds?

I wonder if they are thinking maybe they wasted the last three years of their lives with Jesus? They don’t have much to show for that and now look. The fish aren’t even biting! They have lost their touch.

Perhaps you have had your “night and nothing” times in life. When something seemed like the right thing to do but it didn’t pan out. You tried and tried, but just kept getting skunked.

Well, don’t give up, because there might be someone waiting in the morning fog.


What is challenging you right now in your life? How might God be at work?

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