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The man went off and told the Judaeans that it was Jesus who had healed him. 

The healed man is a dufus. Instead of enjoying his chance to worship God at the Temple, instead of beginning his whole new life, he is more interested in ratting out Jesus. I don’t know what he expects to gain from doing back to the Judaean’s. Maybe he thinks they are still going to prosecute him for carrying the mattress. 

But, consider this. Are there times when we receive a great blessing from God and we rejoice, and then we forget about giving him glory. We don’t change our lives. This is a mystery.

As a pastor over the years, I have seen a strange phenomena that connects to this. People begin to be faithful in their worship, prayer life, and other ways, really seeking God’s help in their life.  And then, sure enough, they receive unusual favor from God, whether it is a great healing, getting a good job after a long unemployment, being reconciled with an estranged family member and then- boom! They fall back into a pattern of not giving God glory. Just, taking him for granted.

Don’t let this be you. Don’t ever take God for granted. How we live our live’s of faith when things are going well is a strong sign of how much we love God in the first place.


This week, find a new way to focus on God’s blessing.

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