64 But some of you do not believe me.” (For Jesus knew from the beginning which ones didn’t believe, and he knew who would betray him.)

65 Then he said, “That is why I said that people can’t come to me unless the Father gives them to me.”

If you have faith that Jesus can do what he says he can do, this faith itself comes from God. You can’t come to God any other way than by Jesus. You can’t come to God through human effort. You can’t come to God through your intellect alone or your spiritually, how in tune you are to the mystery, you can’t come to God through your emotional experience. You come to God through Jesus. Then with confidence in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, God comes to you.  God reveals himself in your intellect, your spirituality and your emotion.

This is not for everyone. Not everyone is open to Jesus. Once again, if you invite Jesus into your life, you accept his teaching. And one of his teachings is you can’t do faith alone.

We are called to follow Jesus as a community of those who follow Jesus. 


“I am spiritual; I am just not religious.”  What does this mean to you?

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  1. I am Christian but cannot manage to go to church in my area. Rural NE Alabama. It seems to be customary here to describe God as a tyrant. Offering to save you on one hand but threatening to punish, murder, and burn you in hell if you do not behave. This is repeatedly mentioned of those who are gay. In fact at some churches it happens at least weekly. Hatred of the unsaved “sinner” seems to be a requirement as well. I am able to hear and feel Jesus. After several years (7-8) of this type of church ( by the way, my son is gay and was molested as a young child) I was no longer able to hear Jesus and cried my easy through every sermon. I felt guilty, angry, betrayed by God and church and worthless. We changed churches but the new church although somewhat better still was adamant that anyone gasy was destined for hell and should be rejected. Fortunately there was a thrive group at the church. Almost no one from the church attended it but it was a ministry for drug addicts and alcoholics. Amy Brown was the facilitator / teacher. After a few months I was able to hear Jesus again. I tried to go to the sermons but the messages disturbed me, sometimes to the point of tears. For naslly I stopped attending and now do church with several online groups that are more accepting and relational. There are many people I love dearly at both of the churches we attended but the overall beliefs and hatred toward sinners is toxic to me. I actually do quite well with relationships outside of church now. I have been a nurse 40 years but had to retire from PTSD over the changes in medical cater tyhast excluded psychiatric caste and nearly stopped caste for those with dermentia. To continue to provide care as a home health Medicare certified psychiatric nurse would have required me to lie on a daily basis. There were no resources for suicidal or even homicidal clients and I would have to document rapid improvement to get reimbursement even if it was not true. The paperwork was such tyhast filling out took longer than the time allotted for a visit. Anyway in some areas no church other than our friends and neighbors is better than the local churches.

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