John 7

13 But no one had the courage to speak favorably about him in public, for they were afraid of getting in trouble with the Jewish leaders.

Christians throughout the world are actually being killed because of their faith in Jesus. When you consider it, this is is a sign of weakness as well as evil in those who oppose Jesus.

When you think it through logically, there is a weakness with your own viewpoint if you are attempting to silence someone who thinks differently. Christians are encouraged to test out our faith compared to others. In fact, this is where the whole concept of freedom of speech comes from, originally. Out of the biblical  teaching of testing the spirits. 1 Thessalonians 5:21, for instance.

21 but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.

This is a key strength of Christianity at its best. When you take the model and teachings of Jesus and the best practices of those who follow him, and then lay it on the table compared to any other religion or philosophy at their best, Christianity is clearly the strongest view of reality.

Christians at their best will never force, brow beat or manipulate others to try to get them to follow Jesus. It isn’t necessary. We simply share the compassion of Jesus with everyone, and share his teaching with those who are receptive. This includes something as simple as sharing why we personally follow Jesus.


Do you follow Jesus? Why? Write your answer down, memorize it, and be prepared to share it.  

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