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Because Jesus has come into my life, I can answer to questions, “Why am I here and what am I suppose to do?”

God has a plan. It is called living in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is where God reigns directly. Where God has influence. Ultimately, God’s Kingdom is all of creation. Where people live under God and for God. God’s plan in his Kingdom is to rescue all people from working against his ways, and restore all people to be whom God created them to be in there first place.

God’s plan is to save the whole world and everyone in it. God’s plan is to restore all his creation into something new. Where heaven and earth are one.

Wow! that’s some big plan!  Yes, it is. So, to be specific, God’s plan is identical for everyone. His plan is to rescue all people from sin, death, and the power of the devil. His plan is to restore us to be the unique people he created us to be, and live in his Kingdom. In God’s Kingdom we can act like ourselves.

This starts with our identity. We are God’s sons and daughters. When we have been rescued from anything that will separate us from God, we are able to be restored by God and take our rightful place as in his Kingdom as a son or daughter who works with God to rescue and restore the world around us.  Be who God has always meant for us to be.

We are all in this together in the same way. God’s children. This is why I don’t speak of God having a plan for me. For the sake of accuracy, it is God who has a plan. It is the same plan every single one of us is called into. Where we can act like ourself. We are called to join God as he rescues and restores people and invites them to live in his Kingdom. So, what is my part in all of this? That is my purpose.

I say it like this. “God has a plan and I have a purpose in God’s plan.” “God has a plan. I have a purpose in God’s plan.”

Do you know what this means? In God’s plan to rescue and restore the world, right now, I have a unique purpose in this plan. So do you.

When I am living in God’s Kingdom, I am called to act like myself.


Why is it so important to base your identity first and foremost on being a son or daughter of God? What happen if you base your identity on something else?

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