Our purpose begins with each of us using the resources God has given us uniquely, what makes you you in other words, and work for the good of others. In other words, your purpose is to move, under the power of God, from me to we.

From me to we.

What are the resources God gives his sons and daughters?  First and foremost, God gives us his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to anyone who wishes to receive him. With the Holy Spirit guiding us and working through us, we have the ability to rescue and restore the parts of the world God connects us to. We are able to be God’s agents working for the good of others in his Kingdom.

If I am working with God in his Kingdom, what happens to my Kingdom? My Kingdom is where I have influence. My Kingdom is where I make my choices to live life. Is there a problem? It depends on which Kingdom I am working in. If I am working in my Kingdom, but outside of God’s Kingdom, then I have a problem. It is only where God’s Kingdom intersects with my Kingdom that God’s blessings are available.

The Christian life is where God’s Kingdom and my Kingdom are the same. Where the choices I make are empowered by the Holy Spirit to have an influence of good in wherever I have influence. Where I can act like myself.

Does anything get in the way of this? Yes, what prevents me from working with God in his Kingdom is when I only work for the sake of my Kingdom. When I view life through the lens of “me” instead of “we.” When I don’t like the person God created me to be. When I don’t act like myself.

“Me instead of we” gets in the way.

Think about it this way. When I become solely my own King then I begin to live out a warped view of the Lord’s Prayer.

“My kingdom come, my will be done, on earth as it is not in heaven.”

If life is not about “we” then I don’t have the resources of heaven to rely upon. I am on my own. Here is where God calls me to remember I am his son. Here is where God calls me to to return to my family identity. I am the son of God, created to work with God in his Kingdom. But, in order for me to have influence for the good, I need God’s resources. I must become more and more like God. Specifically, I won’t have influence for good in my world unless I see my world the way God sees it.


Thinking only about myself is healthy for an infant. This is the maturity level they are on. But, adults can get stuck on an infant maturity level. What are some of the dangers when adults operate in this way?

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