Here is where we need wisdom. If we are to look at others through the eyes of God, this will only be possible if we have the attitude of God.

To have God’s attitude toward others in life, is to see people the way God sees them. To God, everyone is beautiful. Everyone is precious. Everyone is a work of God’s art. In the Bible people are called “God’s masterpiece.”

So, if I am living life with you, I am living with one of God’s masterpieces. And how do we treat a masterpiece? Very carefully. Very gently. It’s like this.

When you go to an art museum and you are looking at a masterpiece, you will notice there are people with earpieces wearing a special uniform of some sort. This is museum security. And what are they there for? To make sure we treat the masterpiece with respect. To be gentle with the masterpiece. In this way, we can look at each masterpiece closely. We can see through the eyes of the artist and see what he is expressing through his masterpiece. By being gentle and observant, we can enjoy the fullness of the artist’s creation.

So, here is the wisdom. If every single person is a unique creation of God, if every single person is a masterpiece from the greatest artist of all, then we are called to handle each other with care. We are called to be respectful of each other and treat each other gently. And we are called to look through the eyes of the greatest artist, God, and see each masterpiece as God sees it.

How do I act like myself? How do I live out my purpose in God’s plan? How do I move from me to we? How do I see people, how do I see God’s masterpieces, the way God sees them?

This begins with respect and gentleness.

In other words, you know you are on the path of seeing people through the eyes of God, when you do the exact opposite of what the world is telling you to do when you are dealing with other people. Especially people with whom you disagree. People who are a challenge to your way of thinking. People, quite frankly, whom you don’t care for. People you don’t like. When you see people through the eyes of God, they become a masterpiece.


Whom do you need to see as a masterpiece of God?

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