IMG_8486Back to the Magi. The Magi must have connected the coming of the Messiah with the unusual star that traveled before them, because they were familiar with the Bible. Even though they are not Jewish, they may have read the Jewish scriptures, as there are Jews who lived in the East where they came from.


It is interesting that they know more about the Messiah than the King of Judah, Herod. King Herod has to ask his chief priests where the Messiah is to be born, a fact any Jewish person would know.

Why not Herod? Herod wasn’t Jewish!  He was an Edomite who got the throne of Israel through bribing the Romans and doing their bidding. He would have some Jewish teaching form his parents, raised Jewish, but not very much sunk in. This is why he never fit in. Why Herod was not well like by the Jewish people and why he is so paranoid about the Messiah coming and taking away his power. His power is suspect anyway because he isn’t really a Jew to many of his countrymen. Even those who are Jewish who are in positions of power with him are also upset that the Magi have discovered the Messiah is born.

Notice the Magi call Jesus, the King of the Jews. The Jewish people of Jerusalem don’t call Jesus that. This should be Herod’s title. But, the non-Jewish Magi are right in calling Jesus this. King of the Jews and beyond, actually. When these Magi return to the East they will be the first non-Jewish people to spread the good news of Jesus to non- Jewish people.

It’s interest that at the beginning of the life of Jesus, those who aren’t Jewish know he is the Messiah and the Jews deny it. Then at the end of his life the non-Jewish Romans put a sign above Jesus on his cross that says, King of the Jews.  Again, the non-Jews are the ones who know he is Messiah. These bookends of non-Jews declaring he is Messiah show us Jesus is crashing into the world and the whole world is changing as he is Messiah for everyone!


When have changed your mind on something significant in the last 10 years?

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