If you ever take up golf in many places in America, you also learn about wildlife. You build a golf course in the wild, as it were, and you are going to have wild life. The creature you find most on many golf courses is this one. The Canada goose. This bird is very common in Wisconsin and Minnesota, where I have golfed frequently, but for whatever reason, I see way more of these geese here in California whenever I golf.

For instance, if you golf at Woodley Golf Course in the Sepulveda Basin, you get to know your geese. This is a group of geese, a gaggle of geese if you will, on the edge of a pond. Well, it’s actually a gaggle of geese plus one pelican which I guess you can call a bunch of waterfowl, but the most fun you can have with these birds is when you pay attention during their life cycle. Especially the birthing season.

Here is a mama goose with her babies. What do you call baby geese? Here is a clue.

(Ryan Gosling)

That’s right. Goslings.

It’s so interesting to watch geese as they take care of their young. During the birthing season, you know there will be a time when you have to just pause and let the mother goose lead her young to the pond. As she leads her goslings, it is so interesting to consider what is going on. The mama goose walks with confidence, relying on her instincts, and the instincts of her babies, to avoid danger and problems in life, like strange creatures holding metal sticks who just might hit you with a small rock.

This is what it is like for Paul and the church of Colossi. He is wired to his goslings, as it were, new Christians in Colossi. But, unlike geese, these new Christians can’t rely on instinct alone to reach maturity as men and women of God.

Ordinary human instinct doesn’t grow us in our maturity. When we live as Christians, God implants in us a new sense of his presence and his love that comes from the heavens.

So, like the mother goose, Paul feels responsible for these new Christians  starting out their faith in a world where there is danger and problems. A big problem for Paul is he can’t be with his goslings. Paul is writing from prison. So, he has to do his guiding from a distance.


Who are some of your “goslings?” People you have invested in and feel protective of?

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