How does Paul keep up with his goslings?

Well, he starts out by getting rid of the distance between himself and the Christians of Colossi the best way possible. Make a direct connection between them and God through prayer.

9 So we have not stopped praying for you since we first heard about you.

Prayer appears to be universal. People who study world languages tell us that there are a few words that appear in just about every language in the world. Everyone has words for “water” and “mother,” for example. And there is another word that appears in the vocabulary of just about every language spoken. A word for “prayer.”

Isn’t that interesting? There are only a handful of words that occur in almost every language, Momma…water…prayer

A word for prayer is universal. It appears prayer isn’t just an addictive to life. Prayer is part of our hardwiring. And sure enough, when we pray it is often we prayer because we can’t fix something or we can’t help out with something any other way.

You can be cynical about prayer and think it is waste of time, but the God who is with you is also with those for whom you pray.

For instance, after there is a horrible event, most recently hurricanes or the mass shooting in Vegas, people will say, “My prayers are going out for the people of____” Then there is going to also be someone saying, “There has to be more than prayer,” and then they add some political critique, like better government response to natural disaster or gun control legislation. There are two things working with this critique.

First of all, how naive are you to think that when someone prays they are not also taking actions in their life to help others? Overwhelmingly, people who pray are also the people who help out most often. Using their resources to care for those in need.

Perhaps, what you really mean when you criticize prayer is simply someone isn’t jumping on to your particular political bandwagon…

Second, when you criticize prayer in this way, what you are telling me is you don’t understand spiritual realities in the first place. I pray because the God who is present with me is present with the people I am praying for, and I know prayer works because I have seen prayer work in my own life, let alone study after study that shows this same thing. Prayer has a positive impact.

So, especially when I am not able to be somewhere or do something personal, immediately, I am triggered to pray.

And like a mother goose, I am especially praying for those I have helped as they grow in faith. Like, for example, you.

I pray for the people of my family (immediate) and my church community (Again, family), more than I pray for any other people. I have invested more in them and so, yes, I can get a bit obsessive  before the Lord, in wanting to see them flourish. 


Why does it make sense to pray for those closest to you?

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