What does it mean to be human?

Biologists tell us we are primates.

More specifically we are haplorhini. Dry-nosed.

As opposed to wet-nosed primates. Strepsirrhini.

Now that we got that out of the way, are we more than that? Of course.

The one thing that separates us from all other animals, more than anything else, is consciousness.

We think and make choices. We have a will. Our will gives us the ability to make choices.

Today there is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence. AI. Computers that can think like humans. Computers that can make choices.

This is nonsense. Computers don’t even compute. Humans compute using computers as information tools. Computers don’t make choices. They simply record human choices, store them, and retrieve them.

A computer is not like you. A computer is a tool used by you. A good analogy is pen and paper. When we use a computer we are using electronic ink on silicon paper.

No, human beings are unique in all of creation because of consciousness. Making choices. The ability to think about thinking.

But where does this consciousness come from? What is the origin? Consciousness can’t create itself. It has to have an origin outside of itself. The origin can’t be located within our universe. So, logically, there has to be a transcendent source. Transcendent, meaning outside of our own creation.

Our consciousness comes from a non-physical transcendent source. Or, welcome to God, with a capital “G”.

God is the source of our consciousness. And God is the source of the consciousness of our universe. The physical world, along with the rational laws of the universe like gravity or mathematics, didn’t just show up magically. They didn’t somehow evolve. The laws of the universe, like our own consciousness, come out of God. We don’t exist without God.


“You can’t create something out of nothing.” Why is this basic truth ignored so often?

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