But there is more. We don’t exist unless our transcendent source is good. Our source makes it possible for us to flourish. And because of consciousness, we can discover what is good. We can be naturally drawn to the source of good. We can choose to follow the good God. And human beings have done just that. Humans have worshiped the transcendent source in one way or another since the beginning of humans. Human beings have made choices in the way they live as a result of seeking the will of the source. And over this time the human will has been drawn to discover more and more who this God is.

About 4000 years ago, some humans beings began to discover the true source. At least that is what I think! God begins revealing himself to his people, Israel, and they are given the choice to worship and follow him, or not. They make good choices when their will is subject to God’s will. He reveals his will in his law, most clearly in the Ten Commandments. Ten guideposts for human beings to flourish. But God’s people use their wills most often to reject his ways. Like one of God’s prophet’s, Isaiah, said, “Each has turned to his own way.” This brings destruction to God’s people, so instead of restoring the world to God’s blessing, hope seems lost.

Then, 2000 years ago in the Middle East, in the little town of Bethlehem, hope becomes eternal. Something amazing takes place. The transcendent source of the universe, the source of all that exists, reveals himself in one human being, Jesus. And this human being flourishes and lives life according to the will of the source, whom he calls his “Father.”

And it was revealed that Jesus himself is the source, as Paul says, “For in him all Fullness was pleased to take up dwelling.”

And so the source of all existence not only revealed himself, but gave all human beings purpose and meaning in their lives. As our wills are drawn to that which is good, it is revealed that the path for our choices in life, what is right and good, is to follow the model and teachings of Jesus. As we trust in Jesus, and choose to follow in his ways, we flourish. And when we, the assembly of the people of God birthed through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, use our wills to serve his will, our neighbors flourish. The world itself transforms for good. Our purpose is to seek the good of God and seek the good of our neighbor.

This sounds like a beautiful picture doesn’t it? A grand story that the transcendent source of all that exists reveals himself for all to see and is Fullness itself. Tragically, this grand story, which the transcendent source of all that exists lives out in our world, is no longer the story of our society.


We all have a view of the world that influences choices we make. Why are the model and teachings of Jesus so dynamic when they are actually lived out?

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