There may only be two choices left for us as a nation.

The first choice is to continue to worship the human will as supreme in itself and continue to reap a life of consumerism, celebrity, entertainment, and distraction, along with increased monstrosity. In other words, “Each has turned to his own way.”

Or, second, at least the Christians of this nation like you and me, start living our faith as more than a hobby, arranging and rearranging our lives to be soaked in God and the ways of God. Where we no longer keep our faith in a box among our other boxes of family life, friendship, work, political life, hobbies and entertainment… Our faith life is not a baseball card collection, no, we are being used by God to make our world different. Now, there will be pushback if Christians ever get around to treating their faith as anything but a hobby,  but if we do start living out the model and teachings of Jesus everywhere and with everything we’ve got, the pushback won’t matter, the world will become different.

After all, we do have a choice.

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