King Jesus is the one who leads to the goal of living with him now and forever. The way we do this is we open ourselves to receive what Jesus has to give us. We learn from him how to expand God’s Kingdom by expanding our trust in him in our own kingdom, the range of our influence. We are built up by Jesus brick by brick, where we learn more and more what we need is Jesus, not something else. We always need more of him.

How will I know if I am on the right track to the true treasure, life with Jesus now and forever? How will I know if I have truly discovered the right map?

I will know by the kind of person I am becoming. Moving forward and making progress in living the life of thanksgiving. I will know when my life overflows with thanksgiving. With gratitude.

Again as Paul writes, “So, then, just as you received King Jesus as Lord, you must continue your journey in him. You must put down healthy roots in him, being built up brick by brick in him, and established strongly in the faith, just as you were taught, with overflowing thankfulness.

Overflowing thankfulness is attractive to others. As a way of life, it is unusual. This attractive and unusual life we are invited into brick by brick will draw others to Jesus who is at the center. It’s kind of the point of the whole Christian life in the first place.


What you think of evangelism do you think of people who are overflowing with gratitude and are glad to be with you?

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