“Let’s introduce ourselves…” 

We do this when we are with people we don’t know.

There is a chance if you are a man you will mention what you do for a living first, and if you are a woman you will talk about your family. When responding to this question I always try to speak of my family first. Got to keep people on there toes. 

But, these kind of questions, we call them icebreakers are meant to get a conversation going. When you think of it, It’s about telling a story about yourself. Once I was asked a question that really zeroes in on the story.

Where were you born and what’s happened since? 

But, it’s true isn’t it? We live in story. All of us have been shaped by a dominant story in our lives. For a Christian, our dominant story, the story that can shape our lives and give us our identity is the story of God told through the Bible. It this is our dominant story, what would our lives be like?

If the story of God isn’t our dominant story, we may be following a false narrative. We may be swayed by our culture, the brokenness in our lives, or we may give in to the lies that make up what those “in the know”, the so called “experts” tell us who we are. 

White Privilege?

Person of Color?

Oppressed people?


That’s how you define who someone is? Not God. God has one term for those whose identity is not defined by him. 


So let’s get rid of the nonsense of defining ourselves any other way than how God defines us, shall we? Sorry, experts, you don’t get to define me. Only God does.


You see what we believe about God, what he is like and what he thinks about us, ultimately determines what we believe about ourselves. How the world works. 

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