From the beginning, God is putting his trust in people. We may continue to let God down, but God doesn’t give up. And you know what, a remnant, a small group of people have always come to God, broken and receptive and God has always shown up. No more is this more true than Jesus, who took all the promises of God to his people Israel, and fulfilled them himself. Now all people can come to God through Jesus and the path we take may vary, but it is the same journey.

This journey is repeated again and again. In God’s Big Story and the stories of all of us created by him.

Creation, where we come into relationship with our loving God.

Fall, where the brokenness of our world rears up through our own actions in life or the things that happen to us.

Redemption or Rescue, where God who is faithful and never leaves us and brings us through any trials we face, picking up our broken pieces and molding us again as we become stronger through our weakness.

Restoration where God continues to work through us as we are receptive to him, and we find ourselves in the remarkable position of working with God as he works through us and blesses and restores his creation.

Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration becomes the pattern of our story in the midst of God’s Big Story.

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