But being a good listener is hard. I know, God designed us mainly for listening. The old saying goes, That’s why we have two ears and only one mouth.

Yet, to be a really good listener it is not the ears as much as it is the eyes that give a sign of what is really being said. The eyes are the main way we learn and the main way we listen. From the beginning when mommy and baby’s eyes connect, this is how we show someone we care and are glad to be with them.

But, there are other times when you are a good listener and someone says you aren’t listening to them. This happens to us when we are listening closely, but the person says we aren’t listening to them, and what they really mean is, “You don’t agree with me.”

Listening is how we relate to each other and make progress in relationship. In order to have joy in our lives and to learn to love like God loves, it takes making progress in our relationships with others.

Listening is also a way to connect someone to the love of God. When God joins us in this Gospel listening, he gives us insight in what is being communicated, and how God might respond through us.

We are given the same opportunity as Jesus to invite the Holy Spirit into our listening.

Matthew 12:25

Now, Jesus supernaturally perceived their thoughts and motives…”

Mark 2:8

Jesus supernaturally perceived their thoughts…

Luke 6:8

Jesus, knowing their every thought…

Luke 11:17

Jesus, well aware of their every thought…

Acts 15:8

God, who knows the hearts of every person, confirmed this when he gave them the Holy Spirit, just like he has given the Spirit to us.

When we are in conversation with others, we get to listen like Jesus listened. Of course, for Jesus, this often starts with questions.

Who do you say I am?

Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?

What do you want me to do for you?

It’s interesting when we think of Jesus with all the answers. Actually, he didn’t just spout out wisdom, Jesus asks a lot of questions.

He is interested in what is being said and how it might be joined with God’s story.

We can listen the same way. With the supernatural insight of the Holy Spirit working through us.

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