You know how something that is so obvious can also be something profound? Here is one of those things:

God isn’t worried about anything.

God has concerns.

God is a compassionate God.

But, God doesn’t worry about anything.


So, here is an amazing question.

If God isn’t worried about anything, then why should I worry?

Worry will not help. Importantly, worry will not help me make decisions. Why? Too much worry can’t help me make decisions.

When we are highly stressed our brains don’t work correctly.

Consider this. According to brain research, when we worry, or are overwhelmed by other negative emotions like anger or shame, our brain disengages. We literally aren’t able to figure out solutions that may be helpful because our brain isn’t in a processing mode.

And the other thing that happens is we can’t engage with God. The part of our brain that sees things through God’s eyes is clouded over.

Because the solution to whatever is bothering us needs insight from God and needs good thinking, worrying becomes a barrier.

What does that say about making decisions out of fear?

Anxious people make poor decisions.

We see this in our families. We see this at work. We also see how misguided we are when we choose to use language to increase the anxiety level of those around us on purpose. In brain research, there is a term for this. Anxiety-producing behavior. In Christian faith we have a term for this, too. Iniquity. A deformity of how we communicate.

We see this all the time in government and politics, as well. We make decisions that are based on the least amount of good thinking possible. Any actions we take which are attempting to increase anxiety and worry, any anxiety-producing behavior we exhibit, the less likely anything good will come out of it. Listen to the language of politics and government. It is based on hysteria and crisis. The more of this panic we feel, the less likely our brains will be engaged.

It’s not by accident that some of the poorest decision making possible comes out of efforts to increase the anxiety level of the people around you. In fact, when we use the big negative emotions of fear, anger, or shame to support our cause, we guarantee poor thinking and poor decisions will be the result.

If we follow Jesus, we don’t need to get caught up in this. Faith is confidence that with God, everything is going to be fine in the end.

God isn’t worried about this.

So why should we worry? We don’t need anxiety, we need trust.


What is worrying you lately? How might you make progress?

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