Colossians 4

Be faithful to pray as intercessors who are fully alert and giving thanks to God. 

Have you seen those Geiko insurance commercials about more?

Like weight lifting dudes, guy cutting his lawn, and neighbors putting up Christmas Lights.

The message is you get so much more when you have confidence in what Geiko brings. It is a confidence that builds the more you realize you receive more.

I am reminded of this when I consider prayer.

When you want more of anything when it comes to God, you learn to expect more. You learn to see more. You learn to be open to hearing from God.

Consider this example from the Old Testament, for instance. 2 Kings 6.

Let me set it up. Aram is an enemy of Israel. Elisha is the great prophet of Israel who prays constantly and hears from God, not only about himself but about his people, Israel. Through his prayers he hears something the King of Israel needs to know about their enemies, and he lets the King know the enemy’s plans.

2 Kings 6 beginning at verse 11.

11 The king of Aram became very upset over this. He called his officers together and demanded, “Which of you is the traitor? Who has been informing the king of Israel of my plans?”

12 “It’s not us, my lord the king,” one of the officers replied. “Elisha, the prophet in Israel, tells the king of Israel even the words you speak in the privacy of your bedroom!”

13 “Go and find out where he is,” the king commanded, “so I can send troops to seize him.”

And the report came back: “Elisha is at Dothan.” 14 So one night the king of Aram sent a great army with many chariots and horses to surround the city.

15 When the servant of the man of God got up early the next morning and went outside, there were troops, horses, and chariots everywhere. “Oh, sir, what will we do now?” the young man cried to Elisha.

16 “Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” 17 Then Elisha prayed, “O Lord, open his eyes and let him see!” The Lord opened the young man’s eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire.

Elisha is a man of prayer and he knows things and sees things that others don’t. Notice it is not because he is special. Not because he is highly gifted. It is because he has a praying relationship with God.

Elisha’s servant can see what Elisha sees because he pays attention.

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