Lifehouse from the air

Dear LIFEhouse members and friends,

We (The Church Council) have authorized a refurbishment project for improvements and repair of damage. This includes:

  • Painting and repairs in the Bridesmaid Room
  • Painting of Brides Room
  • New flooring in the Fireside Room
  • Painting the hallway to the ladies rest room
  • Painting the mens restroom
  • Polishing the Friendship Room, Hallway, and Kitchen floor
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Total refurbishment of the terrazzo flooring in the Sanctuary and Narthex

The total cost for this will be $14,000. The Council has approved $10,000 from our maintenance budget. We are asking the congregation and friends to raise the rest.

We want to let everyone take part in making our home fresh. This is a great time for the project, as we expect everything to be done by Holy Week and Easter!

Any gift is appreciated! You can send a check designated, “Love Offering,” as well as give online, going to ONLINE GIVING on our website ( and checking “Love Offering” in the dropdown menu.

Thank You for your support!

The Church Council

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