Last Sunday, we blessed preschool-graduate school students as they prepare for the new school year.

Here is the blessing:


Jesus is the most brilliant person who ever walked the earth. He is the creator of everything that exists. Know that he walks with you into your classrooms, and he guides your learning as you open yourself to him and ask him in.

We your parents, grandparents and other adults love you and seek your good, praying for you and supporting you at this time in your journey of faith and life,

Preschool and Elementary students, we pray for you and ask for the blessing of Jesus-

Lay hands of blessings

We ask you, Lord Jesus, as our children begin a new school year, to bless them. Fill them with excitement as they think about all the adventures you have in store for them. Keep them safe and guide their learning. Help them to be examples of your love for their teachers and classmates. Help them always remember they belong to you.

And Lord Jesus, you choose teenagers and young adults to learn from you what you learned from the Father. You sent them out to bring God’s hope and blessing into their daily life with others who didn’t know your love, yet. Now our young people do the same. In our high schools, universities and beyond, most of the people they meet will not know of the hope they have in you. May our students of Jesus be a model of joy and confidence, especially for those you have specifically chosen them to individually reach with your good news and adventure of an amazing life with God.   


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