Brain and Bible

A 12-week sermon series of practical insight from deeper-than-usual Bible research, and world renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, “The most influential public intellectual in the world right now”- New York Times.

Dr. Peterson has had 100 million lectures downloaded from YouTube, 55 million podcasts, and the #1 worldwide best selling non-fiction book with 3 million + copies sold, 12 Rules for Life. This book is currently being translated into  50 languages.


Dr. Peterson sells out concert venues of several thousand seats each with the most cross-generational and cross-cultural audiences ever seen! So far, 350,000 people from 165 cities around the world have attended. But, instead of a two-hour rock concert, audiences are inspired by two-hour lectures on philosophy, psychology, brain research and biblical teachings. Along with this, Dr. Peterson is also one of the world’s most influential critics of atheism.

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Pastor David Housholder, The Well at Surf City, Huntington Beach ( and Pastor Dana. David and Dana  have spent much time exploring Dr. Peterson’s work and are creating this teaching series together. Combining Dana’s years of experience in brain research and clinical psychology with David’s expertise in biblical languages and key cultural insights into the biblical narrative, this series will be helpful in strengthening faith, and provide key practical actions which can be taken to bring about transformation in people of all ages.

Coming September 15th@ 10 am!

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  1. Hello Pastors David and Dana,

    I like what you are doing here with the brain and the Bible. Dr. Jim Wilder has written extensively on this topic, I think you will find his books helpful. He and I recently wrote the book “The Other Half of Church,” talking about the brain and discipleship. It is a good on-ramp to this topic.

    I would love to talk with you if you have any questions.

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