We will be worshiping our risen Savior@ LIFEhouse this Sunday!

Here is a letter mailed out to the LIFEhouse community, Thursday.

Here is a letter received Friday, from David Price, Liaison to The Faith Community for the Mayors’s Office.

We have followed all of the preparation guidelines as suggested. Since sending out our letter, however, here is more detail concerning worship.

– We will be live-streaming worship@ Facebook Live on our Church page

– For Holy Communion, I will wash my hands and sanitize, as usual. As an added precaution I will wear latex gloves and offer communion wafers only, an alternative option in our Lutheran worship tradition.

– We will not share the peace.

– We will not pass around plates during offering time. We will have plates to receive offering in the lobby (narthex).

Please remember to be generous during this time, even if you are not physically present in worship. The ministry of the church carries on during, maybe even especially, at this time.

This is a good time to consider giving online@, if you haven’t done this before.

I have personally spoken with all members of our community who are in the more at-risk category, suggesting they stay home, and will be checking on them throughout this time.

Obviously, we will be monitoring this current health situation, day-to-day and make decisions appropriately.

And now, in the words of the beloved hymn,

“Have no fear, little flock;
have no fear, little flock,
for the Father has chosen
to give you the kingdom;
have no fear, little flock!”

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