Holy Week and Easter were a whirlwind of activity! As you can imagine, broadcasting our worship services was an adventure. The team we have did such a wonderful job serving us with their time and  skills. I thank God for those who bring Easter power from the heavenly places….You make it so wonderful to serve with you! On camera and behind the scenes, bless you David, Courtney, Brittany, Duane, Rory, Annie, TC, Adam, Thelma, Rob, Marie, Frank, Susan, Michele and Cooper…

One of the big hidden pluses of worshiping together online is our reach is far greater than ever before. So far, we had a sunrise service viewed by 900 people, children’s messages viewed by 2000 people, and the Easter worship service was viewed by over 1700 people! For Easter that is more than 10X more people than would be there in person. Each of those numbers is someone who heard something about Jesus and Easter…

So, what are we learning? Face-to-face Christian community is how God wires us. It’s all about relationships. We pray this lock down ends quickly. But, we also realize filming and broadcasting services is a great way for us to invite our friends, have new people who check us out, and is a way for the LIFEhouse community to honor the Sabbath by worshiping with us, when not being able to be physically present on a given Sunday.

Besides worship, we have over 20 people coming together for online Bible Study M-F 12-1 PM.

I’m also excited to start a new weekly course online Mondays, beginning April 20@ 6 p.m. You can read about that further here.

We will continue to learn what the Spirit is up to during these changing times. In the meantime know…


With Joy,

Pastor Dana (PD)




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