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Ladies of LIFEHouse ….

We will be hosting a “mini” She Rises women’s conference this Sunday, July 19 from 12:00 – 5: 00 p.m.  in Natterstad Hall. This is for Middle School age women on up. Due to COVID19 , the annual conference was held on line this year and is available on-demand .  Be sure to bring your own lunches and snacks, All safe health protocols will be in place.

“”She Rises Conference gathers women of all ages and backgrounds and from all over the world and this year it will be ONLINE! The gathering started as “GodChicks” and has grown from a mere handful to thousands who come together to be inspired, to learn, to worship, to laugh, throw confetti…eat chocolate and drink coffee .

In a time when there is so much uncertainty, isolation, and chaos in our own worlds we want to host a conference that is centered around the GRACE & TRUTH of God! He calls us His beloved daughters, encouraging us to truly be a force on the earth for good when our world so desperately needs hope. We want to reclaim ground. Join us as we hear great messages, as we worship God, as we engage with each other, as our hearts and lives are healed, and new friendships are made!  Be a part of the family…it really won’t be the same without you.”

Full Worship Service

Sermon Only

Sermon: Cain and Abel…Is Envy the Original Sin?

First in our series Under The Water Line: The Stories of Our Foundation

Cain, the first human being born on earth murders the second…
It starts with envy…followed by anger, bitterness, hostility, resentment, contempt…violent revenge

Does this have to keep being our story?

With insights from Dr. Jim Wilder and Dr. Jordan Peterson


Glacier-Under the Waterline

Some of the stranger Bible stories seem simple at first glance. The stuff of kids’ Sunday school lessons… But wait, there’s a lot more below the water line, and it can help you understand that part of YOU that is below that water line. We take a DEEP DIVE into some of the most familiar Bible study, looking to understand our place in God’s world better.

June 28      Cain and Abel

July 5         The Flood

July 12       Jacob’s Ladder

July 19       Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors

July 26      Jonah


The story of Namaan and how a young girl from vanguished Israel forgives the conqueror, General Namaan, and he is healed in more ways than one…A great kids message about forgiveness



Daily Word…God’s soul aches over violence and his face shines over the upright…Psalm 11

In God’s eyes what is violence and who are the upright? It would be good to know…

As “my life is hidden in Christ with God” (Col. 3:1) I am not waiting for eternal life someday, I am living eternally right now. This gives me a big picture view of everything else happening around me…

June 16 2020 NEWS

From: Hammel, Brian – NHMC
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 6:27 PM
To: NHMC-RB-AllEmployees <>
Subject: What a Good Neighbor!

Good Evening NHMC:


What is being a good neighbor?

Neighbors usually play a very important role in our community and our lives. Good neighbors are friendly, considerate and helpful. Their actions support the community and they look out for others.

Great neighbors step up and rise to the occasion in times of need… and expect nothing in return.

In tonight’s cover story of our Update Report, we highlight a great neighbor, LIFEhouse Church and Pastor Dana Hanson.

Twice a week, for the past few months, LIFEhouse Church and their team of volunteers have delivered 544 meals to our caregivers. Always delivered in a kind and humble manner.

These meals mean so much to all our caregivers. They are not only delicious and provide nourishment and energy throughout the day, but they also serve as a real morale booster!

The days are long and arduous at the hospital during this time and these meals are so greatly appreciated.

LIFEhouse Church and Pastor Dana Hanson…what a good neighbor!

Stay Safe and Be Well,


Brian Hammel



Northridge Hospital Foundation

Not as much, God bless what I am doing, rather, God, let me discover what you are already blessing and join you there…