I asked our son, David Hanson, to teach a course for adults and teens in Christian Apologetics. He is a veteran high school teacher of Philosophy, Economics, Government, Criminal Justice and Psychology, and has a keen grasp of the works of leading Christian Apologists today.

David is able to take deep concepts and present them in an interesting and compelling way. He teaches how to listen and how to lift up common ground in conversations with Christians and future Christians…

Think about this…While Apologetics is NOT debating someone into the Kingdom (good luck with that), the same tools used in training speech and debate students are invaluable for us to make progress in our own understanding of the reasonability of our Christian worldview, increasing our own confidence, and providing us with helpful insights in bringing clarity to “our” Gospel message. This is a key to Jesus’ teaching to “love the Lord God, with all of your mind…”

I know David is an excellent source for making progress in these areas as I have had the good fortune of being under his training in this for the last several years! There is also the fact that he is currently teaching the #1, #2, #3, #7, #11, and #13 top-ranked high school speech and debate students in the country, according to the National Speech and Debate Association…
– Dana Hanson

Meeting Thursday Nights on Zoom@6-7 PM PT


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