LIFEhouse is connected to the Alliance of Renewal Churches. The director, Mike Bradley, sent this to us.

From ARC Director Mike Bradley:

In a time when it is important to listen, learn, and seek to grow in our understanding of one another, who are the voices we should listen to? The speaker in this video is one of those people we can and should listen to. His name is Steven W. Zachary. He is a past president of the Minnesota NAACP. He regularly received death threats as a result of his advocacy for justice. And he won a landmark legal victory to outlaw gender discrimination.

Steven’s personal story is remarkable. In this courageous, raw, and compelling message posted on YouTube, Steven shares his story. Steven, who is an ordained minister as well as an attorney, and a member of Wonderful Mercy Church in Gilbert, AZ pulls no punches. He says hard things and he says them beautifully. He says important things and he says them tenderly.

I highly commend Steven and his message to you.

I discovered this message to be very helpful. I recommend to y’all. PD

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