A recent survey indicated that 11% of self-identified Republicans have no Democrat friends…
29% of self-identified Democrats had no Republican friends…
Soooo- I’ve got an idea-
Christians who lean Republican and Christians who lean Democrat invest in friendships with each other…If Jesus is, indeed, working through us- We will

Rare Leadership In the Workplace: 4 Uncommon Habits That Improve Focus, Engagement, and Productivity

To have a positive influence with others- whether family, at work, other groups where you have leadership- at the heart of this is emotional maturity. Healthy “teams” begin with healthy leaders.

We will work through “Rare Leadership In The Workplace” by Marcus Warner/ Jim Wilder for four Wednesdays in June, 6 PM PT, beginning June 9. We will combine cutting-edge brain science with insights from real-life consulting experience.

  • Cultivate emotional maturity in yourself and others
  • Promote a strong group identity as you all strive together
  • Increase productivity with yourself and your team

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