LSS had their annual breakfast at LIFEhouse this year. It was a great event and the highlight for us was…LSS named Beth Yaros their volunteer of the year! Beth does just about anything around the LSS site, volunteering four days a week! Just as she serves in her other ministries, Beth shines at LSS…

Glory to God for all he does through our sister, Beth!


Coming up…

Sunday School Christmas Program Sunday December 11@ 10 a.m.

Preschool Christmas Program Thursday December 15@ 7 p.m.

Christmas Concert and Rob’s new CD Release Party Saturday December 17@ 7 p.m.

Musical Christmas Worship Sunday December 18@ 10 a.m.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Worship Saturday, December 24 @ 5:00 p.m.

childcare available

No Worship service on Christmas Day

Christmas Dinner for those in need Sunday, December 25 @ 2 p.m.

Christmas Toys are also in great need again this year. We served 300 kids last year. We have emptied all of our storage, especially for 9-12 year old boys and girls! Please help us bring fun and laughter to the children this year.

Again a huge thank you to Canoga Park Lutheran for the use of their church space for the event on Dec 10th. We are looking forward to working with the Boy Scouts Troop 474 as they are again helping as Santa’s elves. Temple Or Ami, Calabasas, will be providing the children’s activities.

*For all Donations of Money for these Holiday Programs please put “Holidays” on the memo line.

We need all GIFTS by 12/5/16
Deliver to the Office – Mon – Friday 9 am through 3pm OR

Sundays 12-2 pm on Nov 20, 27th and Dec 4th. Office Times

For Clients – We are Open Tuesday through Friday 10 am-11:45 am and 1 pm-2:45 pm
Donation Drop Off – Monday through Friday 9 am-3 pm

The Office will be closed:

November 24-25th Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving Nov 28th Monday for Staff Team Building
December 26, 27, 29 and 30th for the Christmas Holiday

christmas-food-587581_1280Lifehouse will once again hosting a Christmas dinner for those in need.  Last year we served over 100 guests! Set up will begin at 10:00am and we serve dinner at 2:00pm.  We will need help with set up, serving and clean up. We also need prepared food donated. You may bring non-perishables at any time and perishables on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning. Please have food cooked, sliced (if needed) and ready to either reheat or serve in disposable containers. A sign up will be posted soon. If you are unable to donate food items monetary donations are accepted, please be sure to mark it Christmas Dinner. Please see Mike or Debee Jusko or Mary Lewallen should you have any questions.

Ash Wednesday is a meaningful day in the life of Christians everywhere. This day which starts the season of Lent is well-receive by those who participate. There are few things that people are more involved in when it comes to living out Christian faith compared to past generations. One such thing is Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is becoming more popular, partially because it connects a very mysterious ancient ritual in the midst of today’s world.  While Ash Wednesday has been commemorated for over a thousand years, it is only recently that Christian groups have discovered its meaning beyond, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopalian, and Lutheran. I certainly experienced this last week. I reflect on my day.

We began in Preschool, with the children learning that we are created out of the same stuff as other parts of creation. We are brought alive by God breathing his Spirit into us. Experiencing the imposition of ashes was quite natural for this age who are used to dust and dirt and learning God formed us like they make Play-Doh figures!

Then, we had Ash Wednesday worship at Prime Time. I placed ashes on some foreheads that I have memorized over decades.  As we get older, the words, “…and to dust you shall return” take on greater and greater significance. Also, ashes for our granddaughter Kaylee, and ashes for the first time in a week of firsts for newly baptized Elise.

Next, ashes for those friends who couldn’t be at worship due to illness or hospitalization. Significant to know we are never alone in the Christian community.

Then it was on to my weekly Bible study at the Better Living halfway house for the recently homeless. I taught on Ash Wednesday and this became very meaningful to some of my friends there who had never experienced the ashes before. Even though they are not unfamiliar with dust and dirt, the ash cross takes on a new significance remembering God brings new life out of the ashes.

Worship again at LIFEhouse in the evening as we prayed for our friends who were having surgery or recovering. A reminder for all of our dependence on God.

Finally, closing the day at the hospital once again, a brief Ash Wednesday observance for several LIFEhouse folks who weren’t able to make the service as they were keeping vigil during our friend’s surgery at Holy Cross. The chaplain graciously let us close the evening in the chapel.

Lent is here and the significance of Ash Wednesday is not lost on us as we remember, reexamine, and renew our dependence on Jesus and his gift of himself.


Jesus has gone to the heavenly dimension to rule. He sends his Holy Spirit to inspire his followers. What do they do from then on? Acts 2:42-47 records what happens next. It’s like this:
  • They meet together for worship at the Temple.
  • They meet in homes to all process the same teaching they are learning.
  • They enjoy food.
  • They build friendships.
  • They pray for each other.
  • Together, they connect with the neighbors.


That’s it.
larger gathering to worship and celebrate what God is doing in their lives. Then smaller gatherings throughout the week in individual homes to grow in faith and become extended families on a mission together in their neighborhoods.
Seems simple. It is. We are going to try it out together.
For seven weeks this fall, we will try a little experiment.
LIFEhouse will gather on Sundays for worship and to celebrate what God is doing in our lives.
Then once a week, LIFEhouse will gather in homes…lifeHOUSES
What do we do in lifeHOUSES?
  • We meet together with 6-12 people once a week for an hour and a half.
  • We eat snacks and have a time to catch up.
  • Everyone in the lifeHOUSE takes turns answering the same two questions about the teaching for the week.
  • The teaching will come from PD’s book, Reboot: 70 Life Lessons with Dallas Willard. Each week we will read 10 life lessons from the book. A good way to do this is a daily weekday rhythm of reading two lessons a day, M-F, during a quiet time you spend with God. On Sundays, PD will also give a brief summary of the 10 lessons that are for that coming week- Reboot Time.
The two questions are:
  1. What’s the one thing that I sense God is pointing out to me from the reading and reflection I did? (What is God saying to me?)
  2. What am I going to do about what I am perceiving from God? (What am I going to do about it?)
  • After everyone shares, we pray for each other about what we are going to do about what we heard, and we end the time praying one-on-one with other personal prayer matters.
  • Each lifeHOUSE will choose to do one simple thing together to bless the neighbors of the host home’s neighborhood. We have plenty of suggestions that you will find helpful, but you can choose anything that brings God’s blessing and joy to the neighbors.
Is that it??
That’s it. After the seven weeks we will evaluate and figure out where God might want us to go from there.
Who will teach at the lifeHOUSE?
No one. The teaching is already contained in the book and Reboot Time on Sunday. We will process what we are learning together.
Who leads the lifeHOUSE?
Jesus does the leading and discipling through your friends who are there. There will be a host leader who will shepherd the group by facilitating the discussion, keep track of the time, and make sure everyone is prayed for. For the seven week experiment in the fall, the home host will also be the lifeHOUSE shepherd.
Who can be a lifeHOUSE host shepherd?
Anyone who opens their home, attends a one-time training event on Tuesday September 22, 6:30-8 p.m. and meets with PD, along with other host shepherds, a couple other times during the experiment.
How do I(we) become part of a lifeHOUSE?
Everyone is invited to be part of a lifeHOUSE. We are encouraging host shepherds from various geographic areas of the West Valley. We are also encouraging a lifeHOUSE to have at least three generations of age represented.
Initial signups for the lifeHOUSES will take place after one worship service on Sunday, September 27th at 10 a.m. 
After this, host shepherds will invite folks who weren’t able to sign up that day.
We launch the lifeHOUSES, Sunday, October 11. 
It can’t be this simple. What else do I need to know?
Nothing. It is that simple.
If you are interested in being a host shepherd, let PD know, or email him-


Jody, Jill, Lynn, Matt

Jody, Jill, Lynn, Matt

The church council has worked with LSS’s Homeless 2 Home program and A Better Living organization to provide housing for four homeless people that have been staying on our church grounds. Now that we have shelter for Jody, Jill, Lynn, and Matt,  we continues to work with them until they are totally self-reliant. If you would like to know more, be involved, or would like to donate money to this homeless ministry, please contact one of the church council members. Before you make a decision, please read the below bible verses. It is hard to find people closer to us that are in need, than the homeless that are leaning against our church doors.

Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”

James 2:14-17 “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

We will have another hike on Saturday, November 22, at 8 a.m. in the Santa Monica Mountains. We will meet at the top of Reseda Blvd. (southern end) at the parking lot at the very top. Then we hike for 3 miles roundtrip in the rolling hills and meadow above the valley. Beautiful views and quiet…
The trail is Fire road #30 and is a wide dirt trail with not too much of an elevation gain. When we finish, PD will lead a brief time of Bible and reflection in a tiny “chapel in the brush.”
We are excited to host our 4th annual Trunk or Treat this year! Halloween falls on a Friday and we want to make it an extra special event and are praying for our community to show up and have a safe and fun Halloween with us. Please help us with bags of candy. Watch for a collection bin in the lobby.  Each donated bag makes a huge difference when everyone starts running out of candy during the event.
Thank you,
Trish Dallas
Would you like to talk about Jesus, your walk with Him, a decision you want to run by someone, what’s going on in your life, or just simply take some time to chat? Well, come on over to the church office on Tuesdays from 12-2 p.m.


You can always set up an appointment to talk, but I am going to try out some “office hours,” a block of time each week to invite you to just drop in.


So, starting this Tuesday, September 9, 12-2 p.m., coffee or tea is brewing and I would be glad to see you. No appointment necessary.


See y’all then!


Pastor Dana