When we gather together during Holy Week and Easter it is a time of beauty and meaning for us all. It is also a time we really focus on our own campus to make it fresh and inviting for our community and guests.

This year, we had so many people give time, resources and energy to brighten up our church home. With the refurbishing projects and work projects, both inside and out, It looks about as good as we have ever seen it since we built the hall over 25 years ago! Thank you to all of you for joining together as a family on a mission!

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter were wonderful times of gathering and worship, Easter Breakfast was truly our family meal, and we had over double the people we usually do making sure all of these preparations were possible! The highlight was the cleanup which was done before second service had ended about three hours earlier then last year!

While giving thanks for all the people who chipped in, we give special thanks to those who led the refurbishment project, Donna McLeod, Ray Leinhard, Tom Lee, Duane Cirks, and Don and Sheryl Lautenschlager. The outside refurbishment led by Buzz and Donnice Brown’s Lifehouse group. The Easter Breakfast led by Paul Yaros and Ed and Robyn Vega. All of the decorating and liturgical art preparation done by Barbara LeStrange. O, and it can’t go unnoticed that the whole Cirks family was running all over the place getting stuff done:)

The only thing we missed we’re photos of the weekend! I (PD) only took two pictures, one of the sanctuary, one of the hall in the calm before the festivities! If you have any photos send them to me!

Happy Easter!

IMG_1550 IMG_1551

Forgiveness and new life are the order of the day with Easter. The power and authority of the Resurrected Jesus makes it possible for us to bring the things of heaven on earth. We pass the baton from those who have gone before us as we continue the race to transform all of creation.

“I thank God for all who made this Holy Week and Easter a tribute to our Lord, Jesus Christ. The thoughtfulness of using your gifts and generosity for preparation, cleaning, serving, assisting at worship, and being models of a joyful people is much appreciated. Be blessed as we continue to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord!”

With Joy,

Pastor Dana

Enjoy some photos from the week!


Lucia First CommunionDSC03888




John 20
12There she saw two angels, clothed in white, one at the head and one at the feet of where Jesus’ body had been lying. 13’ Woman,’ they said to her, ‘why are you crying?’ ‘They’ve taken away my master,’ she said, ‘and I don’t know where they’ve put him!’

Mary sees the two angels. Peter and John didn’t see angels when they were just there. Maybe it takes tears in your eyes to be a lens to see angels.

“Woman, why are you crying?”

They have taken away my master, and I don’t know where they’ve put him.

Mary calls Jesus her “master.” This same word is used for “Lord.” Mary’s honored leader. In another Gospel we are told that Mary had had seven demons attached to her and Jesus had delivered her from them. She was healed. Mary, who is a faithful follower of Jesus all the way from the foot of the cross to this empty tomb, now.

Is she crying for the loss of her Lord? Is she crying because she is thinking about the uncertainty his death will bring to her life? Is she crying because evil has won out over good? We don’t know.

But, now, it is time to turn around.


When was the last time you cried? Think about those circumstances and what Mary is feeling.

Jesus and John

Thursday April 20

John 20

Then the other disciple, who had arrived first at the tomb, went into the tomb as well. He saw, and he believed. They did not yet know, you see, that the Bible had said he must rise again from the dead. 

John, the other disciple follows Peter into the tomb. Then suddenly it dawns on him. It is ridiculous to think someone would go to all the trouble to unwrap Jesus and take his body. There is so much more to it than that.

And then the warm glow of faith starts coursing through his veins. Could it be? Could Jesus be who he said he was??

Then we hear every teacher’s dilemma when it comes to Jesus.

They did not yet know, you see, that the Bible had said he must rise again from the dead. 

Right? Jesus only told them 100 times.

But it’s true, you can say things over and over again and give logical and potent reasons why Jesus is the Messiah, why he is the Lord, it takes choices coming from the heart, not just the head, to come to a living faith. The good news of Jesus is so clear, and at the same time, we are immersed in the mystery.


When was an important time in your life Jesus gave you new insight?