Clean Up, Clean up, Everybody do your share…

This is the opening line of our preschool’s clean up song, so why let them have all the fun?
We are having a church clean up day this Saturday, April 8from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. We are getting ready for our community and guests! We want to make our church home look awesome for the holy days!
We have plenty to do for every man, woman and child, indoors and outdoors.
Why not help out for the entire time, 3 hours, two hours, one hour…There is plenty to do!
Bring gloves and rakes.
Breakfast snacks and lunch available!

John 4

Meanwhile, the disciples were urging Jesus, “Rabbi, eat something.”

But Jesus replied, “I have a kind of food you know nothing about.”

“Did someone bring him food while we were gone?” the disciples asked each other.

The central message of Jesus is the kingdom of God is near to us. Through Jesus, whatever is available in heaven is available here on earth. This hasn’t sunk in with the disciples, yet. They are still thinking on an earthly level. If you need food you find it in the village. At the grocery store. In the restaurant. But, Jesus is the one who creates the ingredients that make up our food. So, if he is living in and through us, all that is in heaven is available to us. Including nourishment to keep us going. Why do we need to keep going? To bring the love and joy of Jesus to those around us. If Jesus lives in and through us, then we join him in his work of bringing God to those who are seeking him.

Here is the “How?”

Jesus sends the power of the Holy Spirit to you to equip you to spread his love, joy and peace. There are people only you can invite. Don’t underestimate the uniqueness of your role in God’s plans. There is a life only you are meant to lead. Like a gate only you can enter.


How does it make you feel to know that you have a unique purpose in God’s plans?


LSS had their annual breakfast at LIFEhouse this year. It was a great event and the highlight for us was…LSS named Beth Yaros their volunteer of the year! Beth does just about anything around the LSS site, volunteering four days a week! Just as she serves in her other ministries, Beth shines at LSS…

Glory to God for all he does through our sister, Beth!


John 4

So when Jesus knew that the Pharisees had heard that he was making more disciples than John, and was baptizing them (Jesus himself didn’t baptize people; it was his disciples who were doing it), he left Judaea and went back to Galilee.

There is no place for jealousy or competition in the Christian family. Jesus looks at the churches of a city as one church as we can see if we consider the churches spoken of in the Book of Revelation, for instance. In other words, there isn’t LIFEhouse as an individual group of Christians and then other Lutheran churches and then Roman Catholic and Baptist churches and such. There is one church locally. The church of  Jesus in Los Angeles, as it were.

Currently, we see the Pharisees, the Jewish religious authorities, are bringing trouble to Jesus and John the Baptist. The way they are carrying out their ministry isn’t proper to them. Jesus leaves Judea to avoid the problems the Pharisees could bring to him. This is an example of Jesus doing what he said to his mother at the wedding at Cana.

“It’s not my time, yet.”

Jesus will set his own agenda and not let the Pharisees force his hand. Something else interesting is recorded here. Remember the Gospel of John is an eyewitness account of one of Jesus’ closet followers. He will make editorial comments in his gospel so the non-Jewish readers will understand what is going on, and also to highlight greater detail in what he is writing. In our English translation of the Bible when we see these editorial words of John they are placed in parentheses.

(Jesus himself didn’t baptize people; it was his disciples who were doing it)

So, what is wrong with baptism that Jesus isn’t doing it? It is not about the act of baptism somehow being beneath Jesus, it is more about the disciples learning by doing. Jesus is teaching his disciples to do the things he does.

I would say he is also making sure everyone understands it is God doing the baptizing through the person, not the prestige of the person doing the baptism. You can see people later saying, “I was baptized by Jesus himself,” as a badge of honor or something. Jesus would have none of that.


When infants are baptized, God is baptizing them. When adults are baptized, God is baptizing them.

Why are we wired by God to spend one third of our lives essentially doing nothing?

How can one simple key enhance spiritual formation, combat childhood obesity, improve children’s school performance, combat neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, along with decreasing clinical depression in teens and adults?

One thing??

What is it?

Healthy sleep…
The importance of sleep from a spiritual, physical, and emotional health perspective. The latest brain research is bringing new insight into sleep research and we are discovering good sleep may be the missing key ingredient to the overall health of people today. Using the latest brain and sleep research, with special insight from “The Good and Beautiful God,” James Bryant Smith, and “Nurture Shock,” Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, I speak on the benefits of sleep for adults and children.

John 3.30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

That’s it. Our job in life as Christians is to continue to be an influence of those who come after us. Jesus calls it “making disciples.” Being a positive role model of joy and forgiveness. Investing our time and resources in the generations that follow. As we invest in the lives of those who will come after us, we continue to expand God’s good in the world around us.

Looking back over the years, someone invested in you and left a legacy for you that you don’t even know. These are those who were used by God to bless your Christian community. The greatest legacy we can leave now is to grow in your own faith that you might be a blessing on those who come under your influence and investment. Who knows, 100 years from now, people may not know your name, but they will know someone loved them enough to be open to God to give the blessing of having invested in someone else who influenced someone else, who blesses them that day. To God be the glory.


Who are you investing in from the younger generations today?


“How are these things possible?” Nicodemus asked.Jesus replied, “You are a respected Jewish teacher, and yet you don’t understand these things? I assure you, we tell you what we know and have seen, and yet you won’t believe our testimony. But if you don’t believe me when I tell you about earthly things, how can you possibly believe if I tell you about heavenly things?  

To know something, to Jesus, means to experience him. It is not head knowledge alone, it is the very presence of God. For a senior leader of the Jewish people this is a humbling thing to realize. To understand the things of God you need to understand and see the things of Jesus. You can’t experience the Spirit if you already have preconceived notions about God.

When I think God has to work in certain ways in order for him to make sense to me this simply means I bring my bias’s with me and then look for ways God will confirm what I already believe. Or in the case of an atheist, I ignore ways I see the supernatural at work in order to disbelieve.

This is where so many people miss the good news of what Jesus offers. They either look for reasons not to believe or they take what they believe and try to fit God into their preconceived notions. Neither way is good news.


What is an example of humans attributing a teaching to God that is really about their own desire?