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Seventh in a series, Brain and Bible. linking deep Bible teaching with insights from 12 Rules for Life, by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
The Monster within…

Kingdom of God…

Everything is spiritual….

First, in the twelve-week teaching series, Brain and Bible. We are digging deep into the scripture with insights from 12 Rules for Lifeby Dr. Jordan Peterson.

What do lobsters, predators/bullies, brain chemicals, the disappearance of moral knowledge from our schools, and David vs. Goliath have to do with a healthy life? And posture?

Rule #1 Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back


We will have prayer and blessing of all teachers@ worship this Sunday, 10 a.m. Starting the new school year knowing God is with you and your friends in Christ are supporting you and praying for you is a powerful testimony of community.

If you are a teacher/administrator/school staff, come and be blessed. If you know of any teachers, invite them, as well!

Last Sunday, we blessed preschool-graduate school students as they prepare for the new school year.

Here is the blessing:


Jesus is the most brilliant person who ever walked the earth. He is the creator of everything that exists. Know that he walks with you into your classrooms, and he guides your learning as you open yourself to him and ask him in.

We your parents, grandparents and other adults love you and seek your good, praying for you and supporting you at this time in your journey of faith and life,

Preschool and Elementary students, we pray for you and ask for the blessing of Jesus-

Lay hands of blessings

We ask you, Lord Jesus, as our children begin a new school year, to bless them. Fill them with excitement as they think about all the adventures you have in store for them. Keep them safe and guide their learning. Help them to be examples of your love for their teachers and classmates. Help them always remember they belong to you.

And Lord Jesus, you choose teenagers and young adults to learn from you what you learned from the Father. You sent them out to bring God’s hope and blessing into their daily life with others who didn’t know your love, yet. Now our young people do the same. In our high schools, universities and beyond, most of the people they meet will not know of the hope they have in you. May our students of Jesus be a model of joy and confidence, especially for those you have specifically chosen them to individually reach with your good news and adventure of an amazing life with God.   



John 14

21 Those who truly love me are those who obey my commands. Whoever passionately loves me will be passionately loved by my Father. And I will passionately love you in return and will manifest my life within you.”

22 Then one of the disciples named Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “Lord, why is it you will only reveal your identity to us and not to everyone?”

23 Jesus replied, “Loving me empowers you to obey my word. And my Father will love you so deeply that we will come to you and make you our dwelling place.”

In my Ash Wednesday message I invited the LIFEhouse community to try out an experiment during Lent. Let’s take Jesus at his word in John 14 and show our love to him by obeying his commandments. Each week we will look at two commandments from the Ten Commandments. We will practice those for the week. Each Sunday we will get two new commandments. I include Luther’s explanation as a helpful guide. Let’s see how we can connect with Jesus in this way.

Following Jesus-

Pastor Dana

The First Commandment

You shall have no other gods.

What does this mean? We should fear, love, and trust in God above all things.

The Second Commandment

You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God.

What does this mean? We should fear and love God so that we do not curse, swear, use satanic arts, lie, or deceive by His name, but call upon it in every trouble, pray, praise, and give thanks.

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, to be sure. But, as Martin Luther says:
“We see here how Christ, as it were, takes our birth from us and absorbs it in his birth, and grants us his, that in it we might become pure and holy, as if it were our own, so that every Christian may rejoice and glory in Christ’s birth as much as if we were born of Mary as was Jesus.”
So, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!