Officially as of this weekend, two wonderful communities, LIFEhouse Church and The House LA, have joined together to become one. Pastor Wes Dunn has been called and accepted the position of Senior Pastor of LIFEhouse Church. Pastor Wes will begin immediately, and I will remain on staff for six months to support the two becoming one. Then Nancy and I will move to our new home in Tennessee and join Kristina and Sean and the three grandkids there.

Pastor Wes and his wife, Pastor Vanessa. are such a gracious and Spirit-filled couple. I have had the opportunity to get to know some people from their community now, and sense their zeal of connecting people to Jesus and each other. The House LA began 4 years ago right here in the Valley, with a dream of helping people find home. Now LIFEhouse and The House LA are building home together. We’ll spend the next few months building team and an atmosphere of faith where others will also come to connect with God and grow in their faith journey. Then, on January 29, we’ll reopen with a massive celebration and outreach to our city.

Miracles are happening, and everyone is welcome to come and be a part.

Come Holy Spirit!

Pastor Sean Kelly to Preach Sunday in the Air-Conditioned Hall!
Pastor Sean Kelly, Senior Pastor of Penasquitos Lutheran Church in Rancho Penasquitos CA, will preach this Sunday. We are meeting in the Hall…Wait does that mean?? Air-Conditioning!!!Pastor Sean is an Overseer of LIFEhouse Church, former chairman of the board of LCMC, and Interim Director of Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC). We will have the opportunity to meet Pastor Sean afterward and find out more about LCMC and calling a new Senior Pastor. Come and join us!