Pastor Sean Kelly, LIFEHouse Church Overseer and former Chairman of the Board, LCMC, calls us to expand God’s Kingdom…

God is already ahead of us leading us to where he wants us to go…Pastor Sean Kelly speaks of what the first century church has to say to the 21st…

Make Christmas special for children around the world! “Operation Christmas Child” is a ministry in which¬† all of us from LIFEhouse Church and our friends can be involved bringing¬† joy and the Good News of Jesus!

We pack shoeboxes with toys and other gifts and then drop them off at a local drop off center. These boxes are then shipped to various locations around the world.

The drop off dates are November 15-22. There are several drop off centers near LIFEhouse.  For the closest center and times they are open, go HERE.

All the information about how to pack these boxes is HERE.

What to pack is HERE.

Let’s spread the joy of the LORD everywhere!


I asked our son, David Hanson, to teach a course for adults and teens in Christian Apologetics. He is a veteran high school teacher of Philosophy, Economics, Government, Criminal Justice and Psychology, and has a keen grasp of the works of leading Christian Apologists today.

David is able to take deep concepts and present them in an interesting and compelling way. He teaches how to¬†listen and how to lift up common ground in conversations with Christians and future Christians…

Think about this…While Apologetics is NOT debating someone into the Kingdom (good luck with that), the same tools used in training speech and debate students are invaluable for us to make progress in our own understanding of the reasonability of our Christian worldview, increasing our own confidence, and providing us with helpful insights in bringing clarity to “our” Gospel message. This is a key to Jesus’ teaching to “love the Lord God, with all of your mind…”

I know David is an excellent source for making progress in these areas as I have had the good fortune of being under his training in this for the last several years! There is also the fact that he is currently teaching the #1, #2, #3, #7, #11, and #13 top-ranked high school speech and debate students in the country, according to the National Speech and Debate Association…
– Dana Hanson

Meeting Thursday Nights on Zoom@6-7 PM PT


Invite your friends!

Do you want to experience more of God’s love?

Do you want to be a more loving person?

Do you want to know how you can make progress being more caring to those people who bug you the most?

We explore how the central biblical themes of love and joy are also wired into our brains.

What does this mean for us as we are living our eternal life now?



‚ÄúSticky‚ÄĚ Love‚Ķ



Come and explore!

Dana Hanson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Be Your Best True Self: Wired for Transformation

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 753 674 1239

Phone only: Dial this number and follow instructions.
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

Session One Notes

Session Two Notes

Session Three Notes

 Click here  to sign up for the Northridge Prayer Team

Click here  for the prayer resources

You may also donate masks or make masks for the hospital.

The hospital requests that people don’t just show up, so we will deliver them for you.¬†Just bring them to Lifehouse Church office, 10-12 M-F.

Mike and Debee Jusko also announced our “Meals of Love” Outreach. At the hospital there is no cafeteria open. Patients are receiving food, but staff has to wing it. Well not if we can help it!

We contacted the hospital and set up an arrangement where we can have fresh, wholesome and delicious meals delivered to be dispersed amongst the staff.

Each time we do this we will have 20-30 meals delivered that we have ordered from smaller local stand alone restaurants we frequent. This way we are showing love to them and to our hospital! A double win!

It’s about $200-$300 a time, so we will begin once a week and see where we go. Your donations will dictate how many times we can do this.

To donate, simply give online,

Click here 

and choose “Love Offering”. Or to send a check, make it out to “Lifehouse Church” and put “love offering” in the memo.

Thank you and God bless your generosity!



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Both Proverbs and the New Testament give us a key to influence…Share the compassion of Jesus with everyone…Share the gospel with those who are receptive
Listen to how this works…