Prayer is so much more than we think. Direct connection with the creator of the universe and an ongoing relationship of trust, wisdom, direction, and power available to those who call out…amazing…

I am already a new creation.
I am putting my life in the hands of Jesus who gives me my identity. Jesus lives in me and I do not recognize my identity as coming from anywhere else.
Jesus means everything to me and I reject any other attempt to try to collectively label me with an identity. I know who I am. His…

What does it mean that the things of heaven are available on earth?
Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection, too. So, what is true of Jesus is true of you.
This changes everything…

Problem: Unkindness grows as we are too rushed to get things done
Solution: Accessing the heavenly dimension and discovering Jesus’ better way

Sermon on Colossians 3:1-4


Sermon for Week Eight of The Gospel Primer:

Discipleship and mission does not need to be a big, long, new list of activities that we need to jam into our already busy schedules, it’s really a matter of noticing the rhythms of life that we already live in and shifting from thinking “additional” to being more “intentional” with all of life.

Week 7 of The Gospel Primer: Gospel Identity

Created in God’s own image (three in one), our Gospel Identity is: We are a family of missionary servants, sent as disciples who make disciples. This has great implications for our lives and ministry as we live out of our true identity.

Sermon for Week Six of The Gospel Primer: Two Lenses…

It is when we grasp and wrestle with the Two Lenses of Gospel Power and Gospel Purpose that we have a gospel that places our salvation squarely on the work of Jesus on the Cross and sends us out to be his body, his family of redemption and restoration in the world.